Brad Roemer Gardening & Landscaping Tips

If you live in Oakland, it’s possible that you are a victim of the small garden phenomenon. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, you must simply learn how to work with what you’ve got. If you’ve got a large garden, on the other hand, this may result in a problem in and of itself. You need to hold onto your vision and theme when it comes to landscaping, and not go off the beaten path in any direction that you think may suffice. There needs to be a truly evident rhyme and reason to your landscaping.

Landscaping for Small Gardens

If you have a small garden, not to worry. You must embrace the necessity for multi-purpose objects. If you love to have backyard BBQs where your friends and family can gather together during the summer and fall months, then you probably are a fan of the good old fire pit. The fire pit has a historical significance as the First Nations would use it as a method for heat, cooking (basic survival) and storytelling. Having the element of fire apparent for your guests to huddle around during the chillier breeze at night is a great way to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning. You may also like to break out a few s’mores and marshmallows for your guests to roast. We suggest decorating your backyard with a makeshift concrete fire-pit that also has  built in space for planters and acts as a curb side for your deck. With limited space, we love to use containers to plant flowers and herbs over grassy areas. Choose reds and yellows, or even deep lilac colors (this is in trend with Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year — Ultra-Violet) to complement the green scenery.

Landscaping for Large Gardens

If you have a larger garden to work with, you may want to ensure that you prop up a dedicated area for an outdoors seated dining space. The Brad Roemer Interior Design team loves to bring the outdoors inside in order to create a fluid push to the wilderness. In your indoors dining area, make sure you have lush plants lining the walls, along with special wood flooring that brings you back to your roots. Motivate people to get outside with either a pool, jacuzzi or fire pit. We North Americans don’t get enough nature time, and are as a result experiencing a great Vitamin D deficiency crisis.

If you truly wish to make your garden a sanctuary that all will want to harvest their time in, then you should consider getting an artisan on board to help craft some of your statement garden items. Brad Roemer’s team can quickly pair you up with some of Oakland’s finest landscaping crafts people. Consider building a small wooden play home as an encouragement for your kids to spend more time outdoors, or an arbor where climbing plants take over and you can read a great book in the shade during the sunniest of days.

Gardening for Amateurs

Even if you don’t feel like you’ve been blessed with a green thumb, there’s no pain in trying your luck at it. Take gardening as your new past-time, one that will get you off your glued screens and into the soil. If you love organic and locally-grown foods, why not grow your own garden of sweet greens and cherry tomatoes? Some of Brad Roemer’s favorites include squash, swiss chards, basil and rosemary herbs and chickpeas to add as extra protein to your salads. In your garden space, make sure that you also plant some beautiful flowers so that bees can pollinate your surrounding crops.

Gardening for Amateurs with Brad Roemer
Gardening for Amateurs with Brad Roemer