Due to an overwhelming response on the blog section of bradroemer.com, the Brad Roemer Realtor team located in Oakland, California has created this space for the purpose of exploring interior and exterior design, as well as landscaping innovations. While real estate is at the core of what we do, we are impassioned by the in’s and out’s of the home design world. From upgrading your home and staging it for a perfect visit, we have all the insider trade secrets that you’ve been wistfully looking for.

When it comes to interior and exterior design, you might be shocked to find out that we don’t have a manual book for how things work. The design components depend on your home’s aesthetic and dimensions, and the overall feeling that we receive when we step through your front door. However, after working with countless clients, we have picked up an understanding of how to best render the client’s happiness. Your space is a secret oasis–a sacred haven that should reflect your inner desires and needs. It’s the place where you get to be exactly who you want to be, all walls excluded. Let your mind wander and your desires come to fruition with our excellent team for realtors thanks to Brad Roemer’s commitment to perfection.

We’ve also compiled a lifestyle component to this blog that will delve deeply into matters of the home, such as our favorite recipes, DIY projects you can do on your spare time, cleaning routines to maintain the pristine quality of your appliances and hardware, and of course we had to add in some travel ideas. Brad Roemer is a big stickler for opening your mind to the world by traveling and exploring various cultures. For instance, his recent adventure to Costa Rica has brought on a profound momentum to the Brad Roemer team as we are fortunate to live like kings and queens in our native town of Oakland. When he arrived back to California, Brad shared stories of Tico’s very different way of life. He saw slums first hand, where the average Costa Rican person lived in a small home made of tin, often without any glass on their windows. As a real estate company, it is these types of stories that drive us to give back to the community. That’s why every year we hold various community events to fundraise for homelessness and poverty. Despite such morbid wake-up-calls that have reminded us to never take anything for granted, trips such as Costa Rica also inspired our team to bring the outdoors in. We are now infatuated with house plants, and love to explore the realms of a secret garden that you can call your own in your very own backyard. Check out our landscaping section of the blog for more tidbits about how to make this a reality. Gardening is not a thing of the past, it is a means in which many countries rely on for sustenance. We encourage all our clients to adopt an organic way of life through the simple and nurturing act of getting your hands dirty in soil. You’ll feel more connected to nature when you prepare a delicious homemade meal for your family, and thankful for this new hobby that keeps your mind at peace as you wander away from the busy hustle and bustle of your work life.

Within this blog, you will notice an array of different styles and aesthetics that range from modern, to retro and even gothic. We have thousands of photos in our inventory of inspiration that help us accentuate your home in the most authentic and unique way possible. Our main goal is to not simply live up to the expectations of what you wish your home to reflect, but to surpass all your expectations. Let this blog be a stepping stone for you to slowly adopt our non-defining (nothing is ever set in stone in home design) home decor principles as your heart wishes. If you’d like us to give you a hand by infusing your home with all that you wish it to be, please feel free to call us for a consultation.

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden in 2018

As working professionals, we often find ourselves cramped up inside in front of the dimly blue light of our computer screens. What if we took our work to a brighter, more natural environment? We’d find ourselves much more happy and productive when it comes to getting that pile of work done. Landscaping and gardening are methods in which the Brad Roemer Realtor team love to amp up their homes that they are selling in the market. Although staging a home is one thing, we firmly believe that there are tell-tale trends that are going to be staying around for a very long time. Creating your secret garden oasis from the rest of the world will allow you to confidently zone in on your work with only the distraction of the occasional fly or bird. This safe sunlight exposure calls for extra Vitamin-D and increased vitality.

Here are some of our favorite trends for 2018:

  1. Your paving counts: Choose between asymmetrical, limestone and textured paving to spruce up your home’s exterior space. It’s not by accident that these three paving styles all carry the same mismatched properties. Your backyard doesn’t need to be prim and proper to be the perfect spot for hosting summer BBQs and long-winded afternoon sessions working on your laptop.
  2. Follow the Mediterranean way of life by investing in some outdoor furniture. As of 2021, it is estimated that Americans will continue to increase spending on such furniture by 3 to 4%. The main attractions are the infamous BBQ along with garden accessories such as potted plants, flower beds and comfy cushions for the whole family to use while enjoying supper outside.
  3. While bringing some color into your garden isn’t such a difficult task when you’re growing an ornate and diversified group of flowers, don’t forget to think outside of the box when it comes to this critical design element. Grasp inspiration from Pantone’s color of the year, such as Ultra Violet, by getting a little DIY dirty by painting your brown pots purple. That comfy outdoor blanket we were mentioning earlier? Why not use yellow accents in your cushion and blanket set to match that lovely, effervescent purple? Think of your garden as simply another room and extension to your home. Treat it like it belongs in a garden magazine, and you’ll find yourself spending much more time out there.
  4. People are taking it upon themselves to grow their own produce–the locally grown, organic mandate is definitely beginning to influence everyone. Dedicate a portion of your garden to growing rich greens such as kale, spinach and brussel sprouts. Why not add in a few cherry tomato stems and swiss chards plants? Thankfully the Brad Roemer team has working with both limited garden space and vast lots. There’s no excuse to not grow your own garden. Opt for vertical growing plants such as legumes (i.e. beans and peas), squash and pumpkin just in time for the fall.
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  5. It can be stressful maintaining a work-life balance, are we right? Bringing your plants inside aren’t simply an aesthetically-pleasing look, but they can detoxify your air, increase humidity and rid you of daily stressors. As humans, we are meant to be one with nature. Make sure your home is another reminder to get back to your roots when the going gets tough.

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Brad Roemer Oakland Shares Reasons to Go to a Renaissance Festival

Introduction If you have ever wanted to live in the 15th century like Brad Roemer Oakland, you are going to want to put the local Renaissance Festival high on your to-do list. This is not just for nerds and geeks anymore. There are thousands of people that attend these festivals every year. Also, let’s get …

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During a trip to the outskirts of London, England where Brad Roemer and his wife visited different bed and breakfasts, Roemer was instantly moved by the vintage characteristics of the villages they frequented. Of course, he ensured that the Brad Roemer team scouted vintage-looking homes for his real estate company in California, he also found novel ways to add a flair of vintage in interior design upgrades and renovations.

If you’re a die-hard lover for the rustic feel, then you’ll love these quaint how-to tips that you can apply to your own space.

  1. Are your bedroom walls feeling plain and boring, or even slightly dingy? Change up the atmosphere by pulling off that old, ruddy wallpaper in exchange for wood. Yes, sounds a little out of the ordinary, doesn’t it? However, wooden walls with a stone fireplace is something that will invite you to sleep soundly every night. In order to keep your bedroom space feeling open and airy, there’s no need to tack on wood to every one of your four walls. Purchase slabs of wood at your local vintage store and create long, thick stripes on the wall where you keep your bed.
  2. Put your old heirloom pieces to good use as you add a vintage thrill to your space. Your old grandparent’s suitcase double as a place to keep your old baubles but also as a decorative item. Think about stacking a smaller suitcase on a low, simple side table.
  3. Low investment pieces can seriously make a difference in your home’s look and feel. Purchase a few crips quilts as a throw on your L-shaped couch in the den or living room, and hang up china plates. Think blue and white, as often seen in Portugal, for a nice European addition. A few kitchen canisters propped up against your stove for rice, sugar, salt and flour is another kitsch way to add some vintage in your home.
  4. It’s all about the bed when it comes to vintage interior design. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a four poster bed, although there’s no need to stick with the curtains as they can bring some unnecessary weight to your room. At the bottom of your bed, you can add a vintage chest to keep your heavier wool blankets and extra linens for the chillier months.
  5. In the essence of spring time, we must pay tribute to the lovely florals that were a centerpiece to the vintage era. Bringing in some delightful floral wallpaper in smaller spaces, such as your guest bathroom or solarium, will allow for the perfect final touches. Add in a vase of fresh flowers that you’ve grown from your garden and you’re set for this new journey through time.

Finding the right pieces for your home will not happen automatically. This is an error we see over and over again with our clients and followers–they wish to purchase everything at once. As Brad Roemer often suggests, you must first create a comprehensive vision of how you want your space to feel and look like before you get started. If you don’t have an interior design or real estate team to help you out, then it will be a very slow process. Every few weeks, dedicate time to scouting out your local flea market for vintage pieces that you can add to your home. Regularly follow the Brad Roemer Pinterest page for weekly ideas on how to incorporate rustic decor items into your home.

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