Brad Roemer Discusses Common Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Show


Over the course of his life, Brad Roemer had been to his fair share of craft shows. Many times, when he goes, he sees when people make mistakes when trying to sell their goods. Over the course of this article, we are going to discuss the mistakes that can easily be avoided when simple research is conducted. Keep in mind that a lot of people make this mistake on a regular basis unknowingly. In the event that you take a look at the people that do the best at the craft show, you will find that they do not make these types of mistakes. These steps are therefore implemented in order to change the way one goes about processes as they will be beneficial in terms of the revenue.

Too Much Variety

The first thing we are going to discuss is the amount of product that you bring to the craft show. While you do want to make sure that your customers have enough to look at, you also do not want to have too much for them to look at. They are both equally off-putting to a potential customer. Think back to the last time you went to a craft show. If you saw a booth with too much or too little product, you likely just walked right past. In the case of having not enough, you can see everything from far away and then there is no need to look further. If you see too much, you think about all the time you are going to spend at the booth and then run the risk of not seeing the other booths. So, make sure you take enough product to look at, but not so much that you are driving your customers away. Besides, it makes it look like you are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Pick a niche and stick with it. The next show you can change what you bring.


The next thing you are going to want to do is to make sure that you have enough pricing variety. If you go with only one price point, you will not allow your customers much leniency when it comes to making a purchase. So, when you are making items to sell at the craft show, make different varieties that cost different prices. This can be something as simple as size or the product you use to make it. Just make sure there is enough of a difference in the higher priced items to warrant the increased price.

Business Cards

It has been proven that only about 2% of your sales will come from a craft show. The whole point of a craft show it to do just that – show your crafts. If they have no way of getting in touch with you after the event, then you will not make further sales. To combat that, simply had out business cards. At the very least have a bunch of cards on the table for them to take.


Brad Roemer Oakland hopes that you have been informed of some of the common mistakes that he has seen at the number of craft shows that he has attended. He also hopes that you take these things to heart and make the appropriate changes.

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