Brad Roemer Shares Reasons to Get Amazon Prime


At Brad Roemer Real Estate, we need to get our orders as fast as we can. Sometimes it is for the office and other times it is for the place that we are showing. In either case, we need to get them as soon as humanly possible. For all of our retail shopping needs, we have found no better place to buy your stuff than from Amazon. Shopping from Amazon means you never have to leave the house for most anything you may need. If you make this your top shopping site, you are going to want to pick up Amazon Prime.

Possibilities of Prime

There is nothing worse than ordering something online and having to wait weeks for it to arrive. Enter Amazon Prime. They tout one of the fasting shipping times of any retailer out there right now. If you want more reasons than just fast shipping times, continue reading below.

  1. Free Shipping – There are thousands of products all over Amazon Prime that carry the Amazon Prime seal. This not only means that you will get your package in two days, but you will also get it shipped for free. We like this because there is something disheartening about making your purchase only to find out it costs more to ship than the product was itself. If you are not in a hurry, you can opt for the no rush shipping and you will earn extra rewards on future purchases. The shipping will still be free, it will just take longer to get to your door.
  2. Prime Videos – Along with your Amazon Prime membership, you will gain access to thousands of movies on Amazon Prime Video. This means that you will have the ability to cut out that Netflix account and still have access to a ton of content to watch. Unlike with Netflix, however, the movies on Prime Video are more up to date. So, you will not be stuck watching movies from 20 years ago and will even have access to some very current releases.
  3. Twitch Prime – If you are into gaming, this might just put you over the edge. Again, when you sign up for an Amazon Prime account you will get access to this feature. Here, you can watch thousands of gamers from around the world. This may seem strange to some, but there is a large following of e-sports and this is the place that you can find them.
  4. Prime Music – If two-day shipping, movies, and live streams wasn’t enough for you, this will definitely do it. With each Amazon Prime membership, you will have access to the thousands of songs on Prime Music. This means that you can cancel your Spotify membership.


Nowadays people are trying to cut the cord and cut their monthly expenses and Brad Roemer Real Estate knows this is a great way to do that. Amazon is always getting flak about raising their rates, but if the reports were honest, they would tell you how much more you are getting in return for that rate increase.

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