Brad Roemer Discusses How to be More Productive


Before you read one more word of this article, Brad Roemer would like to make sure that you are being kind to yourself and realize that everyone makes mistakes. That being said, you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to be as productive as possible. This will give you a better feeling at the end of the day. You may also actually look forward to going to work. It would help if you had a job that you loved but being productive can make things a little better. So, what does being productive actually mean? Being productive means that you are utilizing the time you have to the best of your ability. If you have any downtime, you are probably not being very productive. It is harder and harder to stay productive because of all the electronic stimulation that we have (read laptops, tablets, smartphone, etc.). It will take some time, but you can no doubt free yourself from the shackles of the digital age.

Being Productive

Being productive does not just apply to work, it also applies to doing things around the house. You know that you have a pile of laundry that needed to be done last week. If you are being totally honest, you already have plans on how you are going to skip out of it this weekend as well. Stop doing that! Take a look at the list below on how to become more productive in your everyday life.

  1. To-Do List – If you don’t write it down you are probably going to forget. It is not like eating, drinking, or breathing. Our bodies tell us when we have to do those things. We are talking about things that you have to actually think about doing. This can be things as simple as doing that laundry that we talked about all the way to mowing the lawn. Anything that you need to get done, write it down and your chances of remembering will increase exponentially.
  2. Set Goals – Don’t set large goals. When people do that, they usually fall short and then they get depressed about not achieving the goal. This will lead to an extended period of time of not trying to do it again. It is just like falling off a horse. If you do, make sure you get right back on and try it again. No one ever does anything perfectly the first time. Take it easy on yourself and try again tomorrow (or if you have time today).
  3. Complete One Task at a Time – The best way to get nothing done is to have too many irons in the fire. You will partially complete a lot of things, but you need to see a project through to give yourself the inspiration to complete another task.


When the time comes to be productive, Brad Roemer hopes that you will remember the little things that he has reminded you of. You can do it if you continue to try. If don’t try anymore, then you will surely get nothing done. Make those mistakes, learn from them, and then try again. You will get it, we promise!

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