Brad Roemer’s Tips for Minimalist Style

When it comes to minimalism, it’s easy us at Brad Roemer Interior Designs to sit here and spew out the latest home decor trends to implement into your home. However, we’ve come to realize that adopting a minimalist mindset is a fully encumbering task. You may want to declutter your home come spring and opt for sleek, polished furniture instead of the fading armoirs and bookshelves that you have around your apartment. Perhaps you’ll say no to any piece of furniture that doesn’t have multiple drawers to store your baubles away. If you’re really serious about using 2018 to be more simply and less frou-frou, then it’s about time that your style mimics your home.

Brad Roemer Style Closet

You’ll be astonished to find out how expensive you can look with a simple wardrobe. One thing that people often do is confuse a simplistic style with boredom. But have you ever noticed that some of the world’s most successful people wear the same types of clothing day after day, month after month? All you’ve got to do is refer back to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wardrobe of the same t-shirt and hoodie ten times over. Or how about Bill Gates who likes to wear a nice blouse with dress pants day in, day out? And no one can ever forget Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck and jeans. The world’s most successful people have tried to eliminate any possibility of decisions–from what they wear to what they eat. This way, they can focus on making decisions for things that matter the most to them, such as world politics, the climate of the stock market or the introduction of the new iPhone.

Here are a few pieces that you should consider implementing into your capsule wardrobe if you haven’t already (all brought to you by Brad Roemer’s lovely team of interior –and exterior– designers):

  1. A high-quality satin camisole in black and white. This item is so versatile and classic that you might as well spend a prettier penny on them so that you get more wear out of them. Nothing looks worse than an old, ragged white camisole. What’s great about this option is that you can pair it with a palette of different colored skirts– pencil or peplum, your choice — as well as jeans and dress pants.
  2. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Here’s what we at Brad Roemer Interior Designs believe you definitely need in your closet: A pair of classic, close-toed heels in black and nude; Heeled booties for the winter (black or brown); black work flats; rain boots; sneakers (for the gym and everyday casual style); and high flat boots (for in between seasons).
  3. Invest in your outerwear. A great leather jacket and trench coat will act as statement pieces in themselves for the fall and spring seasons. While a heavy-duty coat is what you need to survive the winter months, aim for one that cinches in at your waist to prevent yourself from looking unstructured.

The overarching goal in the journey to your minimalist style is to focus on timeless pieces as opposed to trendy items. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on bags and statement necklaces from Forever21 when you can buy one sturdy, everyday purse once and stick with it. Invest in your long-term style and think wisely before you get your credit card out.


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