What Is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving a season to be thanksful

How It All Started 

Where does the tradition of Thanksgiving come from? In fact, all over the world, we celebrate this harvest season. Dates and customs, however, differ from country to country.

She is on everyone’s lips and it is with enthusiasm that everyone prepares to celebrate it with dignity during the last long weekend of the year.  In the event that Thanksgiving evokes for many family feasts, it marks a very beautiful ancestral tradition that has evolved tremendously.

Thanksgiving was established as a holiday, the last of the year before the Christmas and New Years holidays, to thank God for the abundance of harvest and, by extension, the happiness received during the past year. Thanksgiving, in North America, is on everyone’s mind every fourth week of November. Individuals within large families such as families of Brad Roemer will sit around a huge table to give thanks for all that was accomplished during the year.

A Religious Tradition From Europe

The origins of Thanksgiving in North America are usually traced back to a dinner held in 1578 by English explorer Martin Frobisher, who wanted to thank God for a successful journey and for a great health. This supper was thus strongly inspired by the harvest festivals celebrated by the European peasants.

But the tradition of Thanksgiving then takes very different paths in Canada and the United States, where the symbolism of Thanksgiving, imported by the Mayflower Pilgrim Fathers, had significant and influential values that of the first harvest, in 1621, and therefore that of the survival of the young colony. Another difference: Thanksgiving is celebrated later in the United States in comparison to its Canadian friends across the border.

Canadian Thanksgiving does not claim such historical roots and is more borrowed, in its present form, than that of its American neighbor. Thus, even though it is widely celebrated today, especially among Anglophones, it remains less rooted in popular Canadian and Quebec traditions.

Thanksgiving and Sharing

Thanksgiving is now a pretext for great meetings with family and friends, around iconic dishes – and this time well and truly pan-North American. Traditionally, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce are served. Unlike Christmas, we also find autumn vegetables such as carrots and squash, as well as the famous pumpkin pie. The American Pilgrim Fathers had even invited a hundred representatives of the Wampanoag indigenous tribe to thank them for their help in sowing and harvesting corn.

A Cultural Phenomenon
These customs and their original meaning sometimes tend to fade, over the years, to give way to new traditions, again very different in Canada and the United States.

The long 3 day weekend that is during the last days of the year, marks the occasion, for some to go and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Hiking in the mountains, visiting the chalet and key fields are all opportunities to take off and nurture the secret hope of observing the colors of autumn appear on the trees.

In the United States, the issues have moved on a very different terrain. One month before Christmas, the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which frame Thanksgiving, keep the country in suspense.

Winter Is Coming Up? Make Sure To Protect Your Plants!

Protecting your plants once it starts getting cold


Frost, wind, and cold are the main enemies of plants during the winter period and carry as many dangers that threaten their growth and good development. How would one protect them effectively and succeed in their wintering? Here’s all you need to know from Brad Roemer to take care of plants during the winter season, from houseplants to vegetable gardens.

Which plants are concerned?

As the cold season comes along, the development of deciduous plants stops; they enter a kind of hibernation. This, however, is not the case for persistent. The latter are therefore exposed to bad weather in the winter months, such as frosts and can be fatal to the plant. It is therefore important to protect evergreen shrubs, but also young plantations, that is to say, up to a year or so. Potted plants are also very much fragile as their roots are less protected than when in the ground.

Why protect your plants in winter?
Cold first, snow and frost too. In fact, the drop in temperatures will hinder the good development of plants, which, since their sap came down in late fall, are dormant, a state of life slowed down. In addition, with diseases reaching a peak at the end of the summer, if the plants fall asleep, they will not be able to fight the infection during this very harsh period and will usually fall apart during the winter season. It is therefore essential to take care of the plants and protect them so that they can blossom again in the springtime.

When should I protect my plants?

When winter is approaching, you are afraid that the plants in the garden will be damaged by the cold. However, it is necessary to wait for the first frosts so that the plants are prepared for sometimes negative temperatures and go dormant. Thus, trees, shrubs, and roses need to be exposed to temperatures between 0 ° C and -10 ° C a few days: cold and frost are indeed important for lignification (plant cells are transformed into wood ) and limit the appearance of harmful insects.

Ideally, you would want to put in place the different protections as late as possible in the season (mid-November) and remove them as soon as the temperatures rise just a little.


When will you find them? Similarly, we should not wait until it is too hot to remove the protections. At the first thaws of the ground (March or April according to the climates), you can discover them, except if the temperatures are too unstable between the day and the night. Indeed, a protection maintained too long may favor a rotting of the plant.

Note that you can give a little boost to the plants at the end of the summer, with a dose of fertilizer and dress them in a wintering veil for example, which will hold until the end of February.

Last tip: never leave the plants unattended or cared for during the winter period. It is not because they are sheltered under their wintering veil that they must be abandoned.

Halloween Ideas For Your Home

Home decor for halloween

It Is Halloween

Today is Halloween and we must admit that the sweets have already drained our wallets sufficiently and that we may not be able to afford extravagant exterior home decor for the little ones passing by to “trick-or-treat”. Every year, it’s a pleasure to receive little children in disguise to offer them some treats on Halloween. The outdoor setting is a nice invitation to the little in order to encourage them to knock on the door and make their request known. The decorations for the house does not have to be expensive either. Depending on the age of your children and their understanding of Halloween, the decor can range from fun to quite disgusting and scary. Here are some decoration ideas that Brad Roemer recommends for Halloween when on a tight budget. What is most exciting is that everything can be created with items found at home or purchased at a dollar store.


Some Ideas For Halloween

With these simple and lively steps that can be followed, your children and neighbors would be more than happy to knock on your door.

In order to get there, you will first need some pumpkins to empty and decorate with your family so that you can enjoy this nice party together.
Here are some examples of decorations that you can reproduce at home:

  • With a carving knife, you can cut your pumpkin and decorate it with simple accessories that are available near you. You may embellish your pumpkin with red radishes and sit them on four logs.
  • It’s easy to set the tone for your decor; you need to be creative and let yourself go with as much fantasy as possible. Feel free to use beautiful ribbons or different fabrics: they add a lot of punch and are always very welcoming on the doorstep to receive parents and children.
  • There are also some flower pots from past seasons that can be used. When modified they can very well be used without incurring too many expenses.
    You can add some lanterns and some decorations to give them a new look.
  • To give life and character to your decor, it is essential to group everything together. Do not disperse the decorations here and there but have an actual plan as to where you want to place the items.

These are some basic tips that Brad has in order to accessorize your home and set the right atmosphere for the children that will be coming to ask you for sweets. Make sure to greet your kind guests with a smile and do not forget to dress up as well!


How To Be Assertive The Right Way

How to gain the confidence to express yourself at all times

What Does Being Assertive Actually Mean

Firstly, we must ask ourselves what the actual meaning of “being assertive” or “being confident” means.  Understanding oneself is usually the starting point when it comes to overcoming insecurities and fears. We often know a lot when it comes to our personalities, our characters, our ideas; but unfortunately, these known elements cannot be concretized given the fact that we do not take the time to truly get to know the depth of our beings. Brad Roemer will always say that in order to know oneself, one must pay great attention to what occurs within us. After a specific experience or event, we must take the time to ask ourselves; “What did this experience actually teach me?” This would then enable us to know more about ourselves, our limits and the situations that we do not want to recur. We must also take note as to what actually makes us feel good and what brings our spirits up. When we know what our boundaries are and what makes us feel good in our spirit then we will definitely avoid the situations that bring negative reactions and encourage the circumstances that bring forth positivity to our lives.

What Are The Effects Of Ignoring Your True Feelings?

The first disadvantage of not being true to oneself and not expressing how one truly feels is that it brings frustration and emptiness. It unfortunately also brings a lack of confidence in oneself as you do not have that strength to own up to your feelings and express what is going on inside. It puts you in a state of internal conflict as you constantly shut down the inner voice that wants to come out. The quality and depth of interpersonal relationships are also greatly affected given the fact that the outside world will eventually realize that the foundation of the relationship is not solid and is not based on truth and consistency. When one acts by being assertive and expressive of the true feelings held within, our motivation is channeled in one direction; towards a specific goal. When we act to please others we scatter and miss our goal. It is very uncomfortable to be loved for what you are not. To please others because we are “nice” (for example, by not opposing or challenging others with our own reflections), is to encourage people to love that image of ourselves without actually getting to know our real selves. It is taking the risk of not feeling oneself for what we truly are. This, in turn, will contribute to the insecurities that drive us to lose that assertiveness.


How To Be Assertive In A Difficult World

We must begin by knowing what our comfort zone is and then we can establish a hierarchy of situations that we find are problematic, from the least difficult to the most painful in our lives. What matters most is that we tackle those problems.  We must surround ourselves with people who constantly reassure us and remind us of the positive image of ourselves. We cannot surround ourselves with negative and domineering people that will only bring our esteem lower.  In this respect, alliances, partnerships, and group strength are essential. Also, the focus on achieving concrete goals – rather than the dichotomy between being “accepted” or “rejected” – helps to build confidence. The good news is that it is never too late to build confidence in yourself. To be oneself is not a revolution, but an evolution.

Here are a few concrete examples of how to assert ourselves one small step at a time:

  • Return a cold dish to the server whiles telling them that you want a new hot dish.
  • Refraining from purchasing a pair of shoes under pressure even if it means that you refuse the 15th pair that was brought to you by the sales clerk
  • Demanding a raise from your boss whiles explaining to him or her that you work harder and consistently in comparison to your colleagues

The Reality Of Living In California

Living in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland aren't the only places Brad Roemer would recommend in California.

Everyone seems mesmerized by the hot Californian sun and the dazed vibe that parades the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland streets. Socializing is more than just a hobby in California, it is a way of life. Perhaps a few come to mind when you think of this beautiful state. Lunch dates by the beach, rooftop cocktail hour and strolling down endless shops may spark up in your mind. There are many other memories that Brad Roemer wants to leave you with, since there is a whole tech infused San Francisco and Oakland mirage that is missing in that picture.

The Competition is Real

Between the northern and southern parts of California, Roemer has noticed the massive competition between sports teams, colleges and lifestyles. People will judge you automatically, placing you into a box as per which part of the state you come from. Sometimes the stereotypes are unfair, but you’ve simply got to move along and shrug others’ judgments aside.

Our Mexican Restaurants are the Best

California gets Mexican cuisine right to the crisp. There’s even no shame in perusing the countless taco stands that may be lining the heavily populated streets as even these recipes are assured to leave you more than satisfied. A few of Brad Roemer’s favorite restaurants in Oakland are Tamarindo, Molcajete and Cosecha.

It’s Festival Heaven

There’s a festival for literally everything you might be interested in. We’re not only talking about the hippie-dippie Indie film festivals you may have your eye on, but also absurd festivals such as one just for cats or to remember the Renaissance period.

Bread Done Right

A classic bread option in California is sourdough. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s something that various local bakeries will even compete in. When el dia de los muertos comes along, you’ve got to try the Pan Dolce treat. It’s sourdough with a fun twist!

It’s Not LA or San Francisco

There is so much more to this beautiful, vast state on the West Coast than Los Angeles or San Francisco. No wonder people dream about taking a road trip across the coast–the nature is breathtaking! You can hike and trek through Californian valleys or mountains. A few notable spots are the forests in Yosemite and the scenic lake in Tahoe.  What about Death Valley? It’s just like it sounds. You’ll view a puzzle of wondrous natural habitats and curves in the sand. The desolate scenery is mystical and rejuvenating all in one.

Fitness Done Best

Whether or not you want to muscle up or tone down, you’ll find that working out was never so easy in the Californian terrain. Health food stores, wellness studios and high intensive gyms are en masse. It’s also easy to simply take a jog outside or venture by your nearest hiking trail as the weather is almost always superb. Restaurants offer a plethora of dietary options, from vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. You can practically call it the health-conscious state of the nation. Also, with avocados everywhere all season long, you’ll have the perfect addition for your fresh lunchtime salads.

Brad Roemer’s Tips On Helping The Homeless

Brad Roemer spreads awareness about homelessness in Oakland

As a realtor, Brad Roemer matches individuals from all walks of life with their dream home. However, it’s no secret that California has a massive homelessness issue. San Francisco is Oakland’s neighbour, and the cost of living makes it one of the most expensive cities to live in the U.S. In fact, in order to live comfortably in San Francisco the living expenses are at $123,268 per year, versus  $99,667 to live comfortably in New York. Oakland is right up there as the fourth most expensive place to live in the United States at $95,611 per year.

When all is said and done, living expenses are crazy expensive in these bustling cities, and homelessness is unfortunately a massive social issue that requires help from everyone. Brad Roemer’s charity of choice is always to help the homeless people lined on the streets of Los Angeles and Oakland by helping out at food kitchens and gathering necessities and Christmas gifts during the holidays. Volunteering consistently can make a massive difference in alleviating this problem, here’s how you can help!

Educate Yourself First

Prior to making any criticisms or judgments, educate yourself about homelessness first. Understand that these are often people who had a line of unfortunate events occur in their life, whether it be having lost their job or experiencing a traumatic incident, resulting in them losing their homes. There’s a certain loneliness and solitude that comes with living on the road. As a passerby, you can help by simply acknowledging their presence and providing a smile and a simple “hello” every now and again. Perhaps you can speak to them, ask them how they are doing, and learn a little bit more about their story. Every person’s story is worth listening to.

Temporary Help Goes a Long Way

If you notice that it is an excruciatingly chilly day, then think about providing immediate help not in the form of cash. Purchase a few gift cards from thrift shops for warm clothing, restaurants and coffee shops so that they can get away from the streets for a few hours and rest in the indoors. For quick energy and nutrition, you can even buy them a meal or make sandwiches. Energy granola bars are a convenient snack to give away. Go to your local grocery store and purchase a stack of water bottles, then pass them around your city’s downtown area. Dehydration is a massive concern amongst the homeless.

Be Weather-Conscious

Brad Roemer loves to teach his children from early on to give back to others, especially those that are in need. It’s a lovely legacy to leave behind. During the summer, he’ll buy a bulk order of t-shirts from Amazon and have his family distribute them throughout the streets of Oakland. The reason being so that these people in the wretched heat can have a fresh change of clothes after sweating day in and day out. When winter comes about, they’ll stock up on winter gloves, hats and scarves. Even blankets and a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card would be a blessing. Raid your own closets for items you no longer wear or use. If you have winter boots lying around that are from four years ago, then give them away. Whenever you travel to hotels, keep the small complimentary body lotions you find in the bathrooms. Keep them in your purse or pocket and provide it to the people on the streets both during the winter and summer months.

Gather Your Troops

Invite and spread the word about the work you’re doing to alleviate immediate homelessness in your community. Get as many people involved, the more individuals who understand the reasons behind homelessness, such as struggles with addiction and educated individuals down on luck, the more aware people will be when passing by a homeless person on the street. It all starts with awareness for support to take place.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials You Need

Brad Roemer's designers love fall fashion, especially when plaid blazers and stripes are involved.

There are so many reasons that Brad Roemer and his team of designers fall in love with Fall over and over again. First, the weather finally chimes down in Oakland to the points where it has become acceptable to wear sweaters during the chillier nights. The festivities of bonfires, plaid and trick or treats are something to look forward. And fun activities arise with the changing leaves, such as dates over pumpkin lattes, road trips to go apple picking and searching for the ultimate pumpkin in a patch of hundreds. School starts for the students of Oakland, and everything transforms and begins again.

Brad Roemer’s designers are not only infatuated with home design but also with fashion design. The creativity, innovation and freedom that are contrived from the left brain are the same in this case. Here are a few wardrobe essentials that every lady should own during the fall months.

A Crisp White Tee

White tees are a versatile classic that should be in everyone’s capsule collection, no matter the season. During the fall especially, you’ll want to layer up with denim jackets, leather motto jackets and scarves. You’re still in transition between the warmest and coldest weather of the year, and the weather may change depending on the day. Enough said, every gal needs a new, perfectly pristine white tee for the fall.

Pretty Ballerina Shoes

Heels are beautiful, but often painful, especially when on the go. Ballerina flats are your feet’s saviour and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for. A muted nude colour with a short heel is the perfect play between strikingly high heels and flatter-than-flat ballet flats. They give you minimal height and look cute with skirts and dresses.

A Try and True Jacket

Plaid, belted, shearling, animal print, leather… All types of jackets and blazers are great alternatives for when the weather is not cold enough for a heavy winter coat.

The Classic Trench

Trench coats speak to a mademoiselle “I mean business” look. A classic mid-length will float nicely above the knee, allowing your pants, skirt or dress to peak out from below. Apart from going neutral, toying with another fall color such as olive green or blush pink help bring out otherwise darker fall hues.

Fabulous Blazers

Blazers don’t only need to be for the days where you have an important meeting or need a boost of strength and assertiveness. Top off a strong-shouldered (the 90s are back!) style in plaid over jeans and you have yourself one business casual outfit. The look also looks great over a grey or black turtle-neck with black pants, especially if the blazer is a statement piece.

Stripe It Back To Basics

In case you haven’t noticed, stripes are big this season. Transition your sailor shirts to the fall with a Parisian-inspired outfit. Pair it with a flirty, flowy neutral skirt or slouchy denim. Don’t be afraid to mix up various patterns with stripes. Have some fun by opting for plaids and florals with the shirt.

Sleek Heels

We know we chose ballerina flats as a go-to, but a minimalist, neutral heel can be the pop you need in an outfit. You don’t need to purchase four-inch heels to make a big enough impact, instead choose a confidence-boosting that perhaps live under your desk while you’re rocking your cute ballerina flats throughout the day. They’re also perfect for when you want to grab cocktails with your girlfriends after work. An open back strap is perfectly ok for any meeting.

This Is What Brad Roemer Gifts Clients

Matching a client to their dream home is not enough for Brad Roemer's team, he goes the extra mile with a care package gift.

We’ll let you in on a little secret… Want to know what greatly differentiates Brad Roemer’s realtor and design services? We excel by always going the extra mile with small yet intimate touches that others don’t think to do. Our clients don’t only remember us for our stellar services, but for our attention to detail and our honest care for every single potential, current and past client of ours. We use personalized care packages, something that may sound eerily simple to you but truly does go a long way.

The Brad Roemer Secret Sauce

Thoughtful care packages are great for your best friend who is moving away for college, or for your sick grandfather in the hospital. But they’re also a way to push the envelope on the thank you note. It’s like receiving a FabFitFun box every season.. You don’t know what’s in it, yet you feel like it’s the perfect present you’ve always wanted and needed.

A Little Slice of Home

Why do we do this, apart from satisfying our clientele’s needs? Needs that they didn’t even know they had! We do this because receiving a gifted care package reminisces the idea of home. Our services are all related to the home, either renovating your exterior landscape, making your home more modern or glamorous via cute vintage finds, or simply matching you with the home of your dreams as per your circumstances. And our purpose? It’s to make you feel like you’re at home every step of the way. Think about it is seriously, how do you feel when your child is leaving home to study abroad for a year,  or you’ve been on the road for work for way too long… You start to feel a little queasy and home-sick. As a welcome for all of our clients, and a thank you for choosing Brad Roemer’s services, we bring you a little piece of home.

What’s in Our Care Packages?

Here’s an example of what we’ve stuffed our authentic and carefully designed care packages with… Keep in mind that the items will change based on the client, always tailoring it to their needs and desires.

Scented Candles or Essential Oils Diffuser

When your home smells fresh, woodsy, florally… Whatever it is that you wish your space to smell, you start to feel like everything is under control. Depending on the client we’re working with and the design of their home, we will pick out a frivolous Voluspa candle in a nifty scent. DoTerra is our favorite essential oils’ diffuser, and if we go this route we’ll often gift you with a starter pack (lavender, lime and lemon scents) to purify your oasis.

Gift Cards to Needed Services

Especially when our client has just moved in to their home, a nice Starbucks or nutritiously-sound restaurant as a gift card is what they need. We also like to chip in on transportation services, such as a gift card to Uber, and cleaning services through handy apps.

Beauty and Body Products

Nothing feels better than slipping into cozy socks and cuddling under a throw blanket after a long, soothing shower. We’ll often throw in items like a robe with our clients’ initials, a weighted blanket, nail polish and skin care items for the ladies, and perhaps even a lovely rose face mask to lather on. Body lotion is also a heavily utilized item… You can’t go wrong with this one!

A Local Snack

A sweet or savoury snack can go a long way, especially when it has been delicately crafted by a local. We know of a few hidden gems that have lucrative products and are incredibly difficult to get ahold of. We go through great lengths to deliver only the best to our clients, in all methods possible.

Experience The Beautiful Irish Countryside

Brad Roemer's infatuation with jutting rocks, expansive green land and fairytale folklore have fed his design inspiration.

There’s nothing like the Irish countryside to inspire Brad Roemer interior designers as we launch into the Fall season. Sprawling green hills, the serene sound of nature and old Bed and Breakfasts in far away villages have swooped up our creative juices.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Ireland or England, we’ve got you covered with some of the quaintest villages your mind could ever imagine.

Here are the best villages to visit in Ireland, which will clearly explain our fond desire to bring the lush greenery and ancient cobblestones into our homes and offices.

Embrace the Medieval Mile

Marble has been a trend that’s been brimming on our radar for years now and is a big part of the Medieval Mile. Perhaps you’ve heard about Kilkenny through the beer brand, or in  music as a known destination amongst Irish and foreign travellers. The city is known as the Medieval Mile thanks to its long-standing heritage that can be viewed thanks to its narrow European streets and alleys. In the 6th century, the city housed a monastic settlement in which visitors can view the pre-existing round tower from the 9th century. The stone castle that takes over the city is a no-brainer spot for travellers as the extensive land and gardens are a sight worth looking. It’s graciously looming presence was significant when it was built in the 12th century since it acted as a fording point for the River Nore. The Victorian remodel of the castle is open for visitation.

Romance Amongst the Sea and Ruins

The Emerald Isle is a place you want to go to get a true exploration of the coastline. With one of the most romantic hotels for you to splurge on, and the quiet Ardmore’s silent sea views. The ruins of the St. Declan’s Cathedral will bring you a historical vantage point of the city like none other. There’s a wondrous three-mile cliff that you and your love bird can walk hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for ancient, then you’ve got it here. Jutting cliffs, iridescent bodies of water, cloudy skies, you’ll have the chance to enamour the scenery while making your way over to the House of Waterford Crystal, which literally houses the world’s oldest (still intact and functioning! Brilliantly!) lighthouse.

Legendary Scenery in the Kingdom of Kerry

Want to feel like a Queen or King for the day? This enchanting Kingdom serves as one of the most authentic experiences you could ever expect. With miles of rose gardens peaking out from the grassy shrubs, and the lively sound of vibrant folk musicians down the street at the Siamsa Tire, you’ll be doing the jig until your feet cramp up. Go by carriage as you are on your way to visit the 15th century Ross Castle.

Luxuries and Fairy Trees in the West

Galway is a top snag for romance as you walk through the magical scenic gardens at Brigit’s Garden. Here, you will feel one in nature as you tie your ultimate wish to the fairy tree and surround yourself with ancient Celtic folklore and rituals. If you’re looking for stunning, then look no farther but hopping into the car for a short several mile roadtrip down the Sky Road where you’ll view the tumultuous hills, expansive bodies of water and quaint sheep lining the farms. Where lilies and canoes reflect the ornate Kylemore Abbey, your heart’s desire for authenticity will be met more than half way. History of the Abbey’s many innovations, trials and tribulations, romance and tragedy pave across its  Victorian walled garden. Say a sweet prayer in the neo-Gothic church that elegantly peaks up from the bottom of a hill.


How To Be Positive While Feeling Frustrated

When something bad happens to you, it's easy to hold on to that negativity and ponder on about your problems. This simply creates a spiralling effect of other negative occurrences. Experiencing uneasy emotions is nothing abnormal.

When something bad happens to you, it’s easy to hold on to that negativity and ponder on about your problems. This simply creates a spiralling effect of other negative occurrences. Experiencing uneasy emotions is nothing abnormal. In fact, they can provide pertinent information about what you need to do psychologically to feel better about yourself. Listen to your feelings and use these tactics to help tackle any sized problem.

You Feel a Weight on Your Chest

Some issue is consistently weighing down on you. It could be that a loved one in your family is sick in the hospital, or that you got in a bad fight with your spouse. Whatever the problem may be, it is taking over a ton of real estate in your brain. If you’re like some of the designers at Brad Roemer, then you may be a self-proclaimed believer in the law of attraction. The more negativity that you think, the more that negative happenings will occur in your life. It’s exactly the rigorous spiral that we were referring to earlier. When you’re dealing with such a heavy weight, then you need to write it out. The cathartic feeling that you’ll have from jotting every thought that crosses your mind on paper will free up some of that juicy headspace. We recommend writing for a maximum of 20 minutes, and to avoid doing this activity too close to bedtime.

Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

Everyone has one of those days where it feels like nothing is going right. You wake up late for work, forget your coffee at home, almost miss the train and have to work extra long at a client’s request. The best thing to do on one of these days is to take a short, ten-minute break where you can let go and do something that you love. This could be writing a poem, blasting a song and singing at the top of your lungs, or cooking a delicious breakfast for dinner. A quick jog around the blog will also do.

Your To-do List Never Ends

Perhaps you take a look at your list of endless tasks and feel stressed because you have to leave on time from work today due to a prior commitment. The stress makes your breathing feel extremely difficult, causing you to have shallow breaths. When this happens, take one minute to sit back and close your eyes. Focus entirely on your breathing with the 4-6-8 rule where you will count your inhale on four and hold for a count of six and finally exhale for a total of 8 counts. It’s like a magical stress-reducer! You’ll feel much more clear-minded and energetic after achieving this exercise.

Your Frustrations Make You Cry

Don’t ever feel ashamed of your emotions. Letting out your frustrations in a healthy way is the best avenue to follow. Brad Roemer always recommends talking to someone you love when the going gets incredibly tough. Knowing that your support system is there to back you up will make you feel relieved after you’ve vented all your thoughts. Don’t indulge in a massive cheesecake, overeat at the diner or chug down your entire glass of wine. Communicate how you’re feeling and you’re bound to feel a little better about the situation.