The Reality Of Living In California

Everyone seems mesmerized by the hot Californian sun and the dazed vibe that parades the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland streets. Socializing is more than just a hobby in California, it is a way of life. Perhaps a few come to mind when you think of this beautiful state. Lunch dates by the beach, rooftop cocktail hour and strolling down endless shops may spark up in your mind. There are many other memories that Brad Roemer wants to leave you with, since there is a whole tech infused San Francisco and Oakland mirage that is missing in that picture.

The Competition is Real

Between the northern and southern parts of California, Roemer has noticed the massive competition between sports teams, colleges and lifestyles. People will judge you automatically, placing you into a box as per which part of the state you come from. Sometimes the stereotypes are unfair, but you’ve simply got to move along and shrug others’ judgments aside.

Our Mexican Restaurants are the Best

California gets Mexican cuisine right to the crisp. There’s even no shame in perusing the countless taco stands that may be lining the heavily populated streets as even these recipes are assured to leave you more than satisfied. A few of Brad Roemer’s favorite restaurants in Oakland are Tamarindo, Molcajete and Cosecha.

It’s Festival Heaven

There’s a festival for literally everything you might be interested in. We’re not only talking about the hippie-dippie Indie film festivals you may have your eye on, but also absurd festivals such as one just for cats or to remember the Renaissance period.

Bread Done Right

A classic bread option in California is sourdough. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s something that various local bakeries will even compete in. When el dia de los muertos comes along, you’ve got to try the Pan Dolce treat. It’s sourdough with a fun twist!

It’s Not LA or San Francisco

There is so much more to this beautiful, vast state on the West Coast than Los Angeles or San Francisco. No wonder people dream about taking a road trip across the coast–the nature is breathtaking! You can hike and trek through Californian valleys or mountains. A few notable spots are the forests in Yosemite and the scenic lake in Tahoe.  What about Death Valley? It’s just like it sounds. You’ll view a puzzle of wondrous natural habitats and curves in the sand. The desolate scenery is mystical and rejuvenating all in one.

Fitness Done Best

Whether or not you want to muscle up or tone down, you’ll find that working out was never so easy in the Californian terrain. Health food stores, wellness studios and high intensive gyms are en masse. It’s also easy to simply take a jog outside or venture by your nearest hiking trail as the weather is almost always superb. Restaurants offer a plethora of dietary options, from vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. You can practically call it the health-conscious state of the nation. Also, with avocados everywhere all season long, you’ll have the perfect addition for your fresh lunchtime salads.

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