Pinterest Home Trends to Follow This Year

It’s a gloomy spring day outside. The rain smells sweeter than honey as the raindrops caress the blossoming bulbs that are just now showing signs of color through the earth. The chirping birds circle their way through the sky from afar. You were planning on going on a whimsical jog, only to take one step outside and fatefully look up at the sky to re-enter your home as quickly as you skipped out the door. So what do you do? You prop up your laptop on your stomach as you lie down on your couch surrounded by a fuzzy blanket and your cat Paws. The coffee maker is sizzling alive in the background and you can’t help but go to your guilty pleasure: Pinterest. You’ve recently made new Pinterest boards to keep your eye on the real estate and interior decor trends that are up and coming. Your favorites are “Southern Homes” (your home is in the wild, wild South), “Palaces and Castles” (since you secretly love to pretend you’re a character in Downton Abbey) and “Fairytale Garden” (to get your landscaping game on fleek).

Create a Dream Home Blueprint

You’re doing the right thing by yourself, creating the blueprint of your future home. Right now your quaint townhouse is smaller than you might have hoped for as you are about to get married in less than six months and know that the two of you are going to be starting a family short after the fact. This circumstance prompted the re-birth of your hobby for interior decor, and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the amount of new trends that you can choose from. So let us help break them down for you in a bite-sized pieces so that you can fully take advantage of the trends to come.

Utilize Crown Moulding as an Inexpensive Addition

We’ve all heard about how crown moulding can take an otherwise mundane space from casual to pristine in no time. The standard surrounding this claim is that crown moulding is a feature of more luxurious homes. While it can be this way, it is pertinent to understand that there are hundreds of crown moulding designs to choose from. While some are more intricate, you can just as quickly choose a simple and sleek design for yourself. Minimal crown moulding can be as easy as ceiling and floor linings–and it’s not overly expensive either, costing about $1.50 per linear foot for the simpler designs.

Make Your Backyard a Dreamy Getaway

Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy, luxurious getaway with your spouse when you can simply visit your own backyard for the trickling sound of a waterfall and colorful fish swirling around? A few style ideas to take note of are using tall trees and lush plant bushes around the perimeter of your fencing to feel that your backyard is separate from the rest of the city. If you can add a touch fo grass to your space, go for it as the greenery will automatically lift your spirits up. Add a small table in the middle of this space for outdoor summer dinners or opt for a picnic area where you and your family can take those infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.



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