3 Tips To Reducing Chaos In Your Space

Are you bored of your current home interior design look? Perhaps a quick fix-me-upper would do your space justice. If you feel uninspired to work on your side hustle startup, or to let your creative fingers come up with new musical notes, then it is likely that your space has taken fortress to the drab and messy.

Maintaining a clean and tidy space often comes with the respect that one gives a space they love. You work hard to pay your rent every month and to come home to a safe sanctuary where you can relax idly on the couch without a fret in the world. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a minimalistic home update to shape up your mood and make you want to dance around your living room all night love with the ones you love (i.e. you’re finally feeling like inviting people over instead of hiding in the embarrassment that is undone laundry).

So, how exactly can you make this home (and mood) transformation a reality? You can put away those amethyst crystals for now… We’ve got a few more practical interior design tips to change up your home for the better.

  1. Focus on Neutrals! When your home is infested with all the colors on the rainbow, the eye and mind doesn’t know where to focus anymore. Purchase your large furniture items within a neutral context if you like to have more creative leisure with smaller items such as picture frames and pillows. Brad Roemer’s team loves to opt for neutral greens and mauves for clients who still want a little bit of a color splash.
  2. Get Away From the Cramped Space! If you want your space to look larger than it is, then A) stop buying every single cute armour from your town’s flea market and B) Stick your furniture items straight to the walls. This will allow people to believe that your space is larger than it is and a little less chaotic.
  3. Store Up the Unnecessaries! You can’t imagine just how many clients Brad Roemer Realtor has dealt with whom have difficulty getting rid of items. Hoarding exists–it’s not only for those outrageous TLC shows. While we recommend our clients to choose to keep items only that bring them true joy, we also encourage individuals to purchase great double-duty storage units. Some clients love the ability to hide their bed and extra chairs in the secrecy of a cupboard… You do you!


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