Roemer’s Fab July 4th Party Decor Items

Fourth of July is in only two days, although smack in the middle of the week. We cannot get enough of this annual celebration, sporting cool red, blue and white clothes and sipping margaritas by the swimming pool in the great company of family and friends. While this magical party clad with effervescent fireworks and a seemingly all-you-can-eat buffet fancies us all, the host of the party is often nervously preparing their home and food options before the grand day. It takes one to enjoy the party, but it takes another to make certain that everyone is enjoying said party.

Brad Roemer has thus broken down the necessities of party decorations, activities and favors to take out the hassle of all the July 4th preparations.

Snack Table Decor

This time of year is undoubtedly hot in Oakland, and any healthy and cold refreshment will be greatly appreciated by your guests. We love to kill two birds with one stone by making one of our snacks a part of the decoration. All it takes is several watermelons and a great stencil plus vegetable peeler and you’re practically set. After you’ve cut the watermelon into a few dozen slices, use a stencil on two full, uncut watermelons by spelling out “July” and “4”. This will now become your table centrepiece.

Drink Bar Decor

No one has a good party without a substantial amount of alcohol. Creating a fun drink bar with star DIY banners will direct everyone to the cool refreshments. All you’ve got to do is cut out identical stars via an online star stencil and get a little crazy with glue and glitter. Cut holes in the top of every star and lace through long ribbons that are red, white and blue. Hang the garland both on the edge of the table and on the wall that supports the bar.

A Bloody Mary bar makes for a classic signature drink for your party… unless you prefer strawberry daiquiris, which just so happens to be the Roemer’s go-to party drink! To make this station look pretty, fill cups with pepper-stuffed green olives, pickles, celery,  lemon and lime along with canisters of the mixed drink. This way guests don’t have to worry about  mixing together the right amounts of tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and tomato juice.

Flower Power & Candle Decor

Candles and flowers provide a whimsical feel, especially when hosting an outdoors event.

Brad Roemer loves to make an effortless statement by purchasing cheap glass vases from the dollar store and filling them around with a small United States flag. Fill the vase with water along with blue hydrangeas and carnations as well as white freesia and miniature daisies. Lush greenery should top off the assortment of flowers.

As for the serving platter that is to be placed under the vase, it is recommended to add colorful fruits to the mix while ensuring that they are aligned with the American patriotic colors. We would choose three of the following list: Fresh peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries.

As for the candles, you can simply lay out small red, blue and white paper bags all around the lawn while inserting soil that is sprayed with OFF and tea candles to top them off. This is a makeshift weapon against those nasty mosquitos that may annoy your guests while eating great BBQ and watching the fireworks from your backyard.

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