Experience The Beautiful Irish Countryside

There’s nothing like the Irish countryside to inspire Brad Roemer interior designers as we launch into the Fall season. Sprawling green hills, the serene sound of nature and old Bed and Breakfasts in far away villages have swooped up our creative juices.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Ireland or England, we’ve got you covered with some of the quaintest villages your mind could ever imagine.

Here are the best villages to visit in Ireland, which will clearly explain our fond desire to bring the lush greenery and ancient cobblestones into our homes and offices.

Embrace the Medieval Mile

Marble has been a trend that’s been brimming on our radar for years now and is a big part of the Medieval Mile. Perhaps you’ve heard about Kilkenny through the beer brand, or in  music as a known destination amongst Irish and foreign travellers. The city is known as the Medieval Mile thanks to its long-standing heritage that can be viewed thanks to its narrow European streets and alleys. In the 6th century, the city housed a monastic settlement in which visitors can view the pre-existing round tower from the 9th century. The stone castle that takes over the city is a no-brainer spot for travellers as the extensive land and gardens are a sight worth looking. It’s graciously looming presence was significant when it was built in the 12th century since it acted as a fording point for the River Nore. The Victorian remodel of the castle is open for visitation.

Romance Amongst the Sea and Ruins

The Emerald Isle is a place you want to go to get a true exploration of the coastline. With one of the most romantic hotels for you to splurge on, and the quiet Ardmore’s silent sea views. The ruins of the St. Declan’s Cathedral will bring you a historical vantage point of the city like none other. There’s a wondrous three-mile cliff that you and your love bird can walk hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for ancient, then you’ve got it here. Jutting cliffs, iridescent bodies of water, cloudy skies, you’ll have the chance to enamour the scenery while making your way over to the House of Waterford Crystal, which literally houses the world’s oldest (still intact and functioning! Brilliantly!) lighthouse.

Legendary Scenery in the Kingdom of Kerry

Want to feel like a Queen or King for the day? This enchanting Kingdom serves as one of the most authentic experiences you could ever expect. With miles of rose gardens peaking out from the grassy shrubs, and the lively sound of vibrant folk musicians down the street at the Siamsa Tire, you’ll be doing the jig until your feet cramp up. Go by carriage as you are on your way to visit the 15th century Ross Castle.

Luxuries and Fairy Trees in the West

Galway is a top snag for romance as you walk through the magical scenic gardens at Brigit’s Garden. Here, you will feel one in nature as you tie your ultimate wish to the fairy tree and surround yourself with ancient Celtic folklore and rituals. If you’re looking for stunning, then look no farther but hopping into the car for a short several mile roadtrip down the Sky Road where you’ll view the tumultuous hills, expansive bodies of water and quaint sheep lining the farms. Where lilies and canoes reflect the ornate Kylemore Abbey, your heart’s desire for authenticity will be met more than half way. History of the Abbey’s many innovations, trials and tribulations, romance and tragedy pave across its  Victorian walled garden. Say a sweet prayer in the neo-Gothic church that elegantly peaks up from the bottom of a hill.


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