How To Be Positive While Feeling Frustrated

When something bad happens to you, it’s easy to hold on to that negativity and ponder on about your problems. This simply creates a spiralling effect of other negative occurrences. Experiencing uneasy emotions is nothing abnormal. In fact, they can provide pertinent information about what you need to do psychologically to feel better about yourself. Listen to your feelings and use these tactics to help tackle any sized problem.

You Feel a Weight on Your Chest

Some issue is consistently weighing down on you. It could be that a loved one in your family is sick in the hospital, or that you got in a bad fight with your spouse. Whatever the problem may be, it is taking over a ton of real estate in your brain. If you’re like some of the designers at Brad Roemer, then you may be a self-proclaimed believer in the law of attraction. The more negativity that you think, the more that negative happenings will occur in your life. It’s exactly the rigorous spiral that we were referring to earlier. When you’re dealing with such a heavy weight, then you need to write it out. The cathartic feeling that you’ll have from jotting every thought that crosses your mind on paper will free up some of that juicy headspace. We recommend writing for a maximum of 20 minutes, and to avoid doing this activity too close to bedtime.

Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

Everyone has one of those days where it feels like nothing is going right. You wake up late for work, forget your coffee at home, almost miss the train and have to work extra long at a client’s request. The best thing to do on one of these days is to take a short, ten-minute break where you can let go and do something that you love. This could be writing a poem, blasting a song and singing at the top of your lungs, or cooking a delicious breakfast for dinner. A quick jog around the blog will also do.

Your To-do List Never Ends

Perhaps you take a look at your list of endless tasks and feel stressed because you have to leave on time from work today due to a prior commitment. The stress makes your breathing feel extremely difficult, causing you to have shallow breaths. When this happens, take one minute to sit back and close your eyes. Focus entirely on your breathing with the 4-6-8 rule where you will count your inhale on four and hold for a count of six and finally exhale for a total of 8 counts. It’s like a magical stress-reducer! You’ll feel much more clear-minded and energetic after achieving this exercise.

Your Frustrations Make You Cry

Don’t ever feel ashamed of your emotions. Letting out your frustrations in a healthy way is the best avenue to follow. Brad Roemer always recommends talking to someone you love when the going gets incredibly tough. Knowing that your support system is there to back you up will make you feel relieved after you’ve vented all your thoughts. Don’t indulge in a massive cheesecake, overeat at the diner or chug down your entire glass of wine. Communicate how you’re feeling and you’re bound to feel a little better about the situation.

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